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1930 Ford Model A 

Model A 1930 Ford & Harley Davidson Road king with drivers for weddings.


3 Passengers

Model A 1930 Ford & Harley Davidson Road King


3 Years & Over



Harley Davidson - Road King

1930 Ford & Harley Davidson Road King in gold.


1 Rider



The vintage 1930 Ford Model 'A' Hot Rod car, with its timeless lines and distinctive charm, embodies an era of automotive elegance. Its iconic grille, sweeping fenders, and robust bodywork harken back to a time when cars were crafted with both beauty and durability in mind. This classic automobile stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and style of early 20th-century design, turning heads with its nostalgic appeal. Its presence on the road evokes a sense of history and heritage, reminding us of the golden age of motoring.

The Harley Davidson Road King, a modern classic in its own right, complements the vintage Ford with its bold yet refined aesthetic. Known for its commanding presence and sleek lines, the Road King merges contemporary performance with retro-inspired styling. Its chrome accents, large front forks, and iconic V-twin engine pay homage to Harley Davidson's storied legacy while offering modern riders the reliability and power they expect. Together, these elements create a motorcycle that exudes confidence and timeless cool, making it the perfect companion for the classic Ford.

Seeing the Road King act as an outrider or escort for the vintage Ford is a striking and harmonious sight. The motorcycle's modern classic style enhances the Ford's vintage appeal, creating a visual synergy that celebrates the best of both eras. As the Road King leads the way, its powerful engine and smooth ride provide a fitting contrast to the Ford's stately pace, ensuring a seamless journey. This pairing not only highlights the enduring appeal of classic design but also underscores the timeless bond between two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, united in their shared legacy of freedom and adventure on the open road.

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